Jamea Tul Hidaya

Education System of Jamea Tul Hidaya


The basic structure of education prepared by the Jamea is of standard of higher secondary to graduation and is named as ‘Aali’ its duration is of five years and it is followed by a course of ‘specialization’ of post-graduate standard Known as Takhassus. The main feature of the Aali syllabus is that it coordinates religious and modern education with technical education of diploma standard. The candidates with primary education at religious Madarses are eligible for direct admission to Aali subject to their passing an admission test followed by an interview. However, those who received their primary education at modern schools will be required to undergo a two-year bridge course to attain prescribed standard for admission to Aali.


In view of its requirement the Jamea has planned to establish a primary Madarse (I to VIII standard) and Madarses which follow the syllabi prescribed by the Jamea can seek affiliation to it. This will facilitate Jamea’s education programmes and planning.


After successful completion of five year Aali course the students shall be eligible for admission to any one of the following specialized Shariah courses :


The Jamea has adopted the prevalent syllabi of ITI standard for Technical educations. However, these courses will be spread over five years and combined with the Aali syllabi with appropriate weightage and priority to religious education. At present the following trades have been started :

In addition, a short tern course of computer has also been started from this year for external students and three computers have been installed for this purpose. A diploma course of computer will shortly be available to Jamea students also. In near future –INSHA ALLAH- courses of diploma standard in the following trades will also be started :


For the students who show special inclination for Hifz (memorization) and Qirat (The mode of recitation the Quran), the Jamea has started a Department of Hifz where suitable arrangement has also been made for basic religious education.

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